Project Updates

Using the estate for community programs, cultural events, and tours requires on-going preservation of the landscape, buildings, and infrastructure. The structures across site are complex puzzles of aging stone, wood, metal, slate, glass, and brick that require relentless preservation.

Check back for updates on projects happening across the estate.

  • Derecho Recovery Projects

    On August 10, 2020, a powerful windstorm known as a derecho swept across the Midwest, causing massive devastation along its path. The derecho reached hurricane-like windspeeds of 140 miles per…

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  • Mansion Slate Roof Replacement

    Much of the Manion roof has a steep slope covered in individual slate tile shingles. During the 2020 derecho, the wind ripped many of the shingles from the roof to…

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  • Mansion Envelope Restoration Project

    This multi-year project has the largest scope of those being funded by the Pride & Preservation Campaign.  In the summer and fall of 2017, Brucemore staff and Trustees contracted with…

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  • Site-Wide Infrastructure

    A comprehensive site-wide infrastructure plan – a key element of the Pride & Preservation Campaign – outlines necessary updates to critical infrastructure across the estate, including enhancements to exterior lighting,…

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    The Brucemore Estate Security and Fire Enhancements will ensure the safety of visitors as well as provide enhanced security for thousands of priceless, irreplaceable artifacts and documents in Brucemore’s collection.…

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  • Preserving the Chimney Caps

    When Caroline Sinclair hired builders to construct her home, she was able to draw upon a pool of laborers and artisans whose accomplishments still impress visitors over a century later.…

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  • Restoring the Study

    The Study was restored to its 1910 appearance in 1997. Restoration of the Sitting Room/Study included furniture conservation and reproduction, installation of new window treatments, and faux painting of several…

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  • Lord & Burnham Greenhouse Rehabilitation

    From 2011 to 2012, Brucemore rehabilitated the historic Lord & Burnham Greenhouse in the heart of the estate. Around 1915, the Douglas family purchased the Lord & Burnham Greenhouse to…

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