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Artisan Studio

The Artisan Studio at Brucemore celebrates the arts and provides a home to cultivate local talent.

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The Studio

Led by Brucemore’s Artisan in Residence, Gerard Estella, the Studio seeks to cultivate a talented group of local performers. Originally from New York City, Gerard considers himself lucky to have the pleasure of doing what he loves. Not only has Gerard worked with artists like Sting, Phil Collins, and Jo Dee Messina, he has also composed for film, TV, and stage. Since landing in Cedar Rapids, Gerard has partnered with Brucemore, participating in numerous performances of A Modern Salon, Cabaret in the Courtyard, Classics at Brucemore, and in a CD/coffee table book set, Uncommon Kings. He is a founding member of SPT Theatre, a partner at the marketing company North Forty, and the owner of GMix East, an artist development company.

The Inspiration

More than 100 years ago, Irene Douglas moved to Brucemore and began a tradition which continues today: supporting local art.

A dedicated philanthropist, Irene showed a commitment to the cultivation of art in its many forms. She filled her home with music and the arts, hosting concerts and theater, sponsoring events, and commissioning works of art—most of it from local artists. She lived at Brucemore from 1906-1936, and in the 1920s, she participated in the Cedar Rapids Art Association, a group which helped support artists like Marvin Cone and Grant Wood.

Since its transformation from a private residence into a historic site and community cultural hub in 1981, Brucemore has continued Irene’s tradition of celebrating local arts and culture. Decades of unique cultural programs—including dozens of theatrical performances, concerts, art shows, and tours—represent her arts legacy.

In fall 2019, Brucemore embarked on a new journey with Artisan in Residence, Gerard Estella, to support arts through the Artisan Studio. The Studio allows Brucemore to continue to foster and cultivate local talent. A group of gifted artists who had previously performed at Brucemore were selected for this exclusive project. And so, Irene’s inspiration and commitment to the arts is a legacy that continues today.

Since 1981, Brucemore has created opportunities for local talent to perform in front of audiences, work backstage, and gain a variety of experiences. The Artisan Studio is dedicated to creating a vibrant community by providing local opportunities.

The Artists


Marcy Each

Jeremy Glazier

Brigid Martin

Previous Artists


Matt and Kristin Brooks

Rob Nassif

Scott DL


Erica Bailey

Logan Adam Schultz

Anna Wilde



Jackson Green

Caleb Rainey

Jake Stack

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