A century of stories within 26 acres

The story of Brucemore, at its core is the story of three families: the Sinclairs who built it, the Douglases who transformed it, and the Halls who gave it to the community. The wealth of these families allowed them freedom to pursue their cultural and philanthropic interests. Each of these families created a home at Brucemore which reflected their passions.

Today, Brucemore tells the story of these families, showcasing their daily lives. From their home we can picture their comings and goings, hobbies, pets, individual tastes, and styles. We can understand the people and their place in history while appreciating their contributions to the development of the community and the region.


Their stories are unique, but share a common trait - the three families of Brucemore each reflected and influenced the community in which they lived.

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The families of Brucemore had a strong connection to the industrial development of the region, including meatpacking, starch processing, and manufacturing.

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When Margaret Douglas Hall gifted Brucemore to the National Trust in 1981, the house represented a blend of stylistic trends and modifications made by the three families who called the house their home.

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Experience Caroline Sinclair's sweeping front lawn, the naturalistic landscape designs of the Douglas era, and the Hall family's subtle, modern additions.

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