The Hall Era: 1937 - 1981

The Hall Era Mansion

Modernizing and streamlining for a new era

Margaret Douglas Hall lived on the Brucemore estate since 1906. When she married Howard Hall, rather than purchasing their own home, they moved to the Garden House located to the west of the mansion. Upon her mother’s death, Margaret moved back into the mansion and would live there until her death in 1981, marking 75 years of living on the Brucemore estate.  During her ownership, Margaret and Howard made several changes to the interior of the mansion.

Reflecting modern tastes, Margaret and Howard Hall combined several paired windows into large picture windows in the dining room, library, and master bedroom. They also added new plate-glass windows in the sitting room and boudoir.

They stripped and lightened the wood paneling in the great hall and “antiqued” the woodwork in the library. Furnishings throughout the mansion were updated and rooms redecorated in styles popular during the 1940s through 1970s.

Originally built for a widow and her children, Brucemore lacked a masculine entertaining space. Howard remedied this issue in the unfinished basement by working with local craftsmen to build out the Grizzly Bar and the legendary Tahitian Room.