Newly Planted Trees with the Mansion in the Distance
Our Story

Landscape Restoration

Progress is visible across the estate as Brucemore undergoes a multi-year effort to revitalize the nationally significant buildings and landscape following a natural disaster in 2020.

A Community of Support

Donations big and small have made the progress towards revitalizing the landscape possible. A special thank you to these companies and organizations for their support!
  • Alliant Energy
  • Cedar Rapids Garden Club
  • City of Cedar Rapids Hotel-Motel Tax Fund
  • Collins Aerospace Charitable Giving
  • Emergency Grant Fund and the Nonprofit Recovery Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
  • Historic Sites Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • International Paper Foundation-Cedar River Mill
  • Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs-Derecho Recovery Emergency Relief Grant
  • Linn County Historic Preservation Grant Fund
  • Marge and Joe Grills Fund for Historic Gardens and Landscapes of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • McIntyre Foundation
  • Monarch Research Project “Planting Forward”
  • New Leader Manufacturing – Spreading Good 380
  • Trees Forever

Help Brucemore re-establish the flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees by donating to the garden and landscape restoration. Donate today.


An Inland Hurricane

On August 10, 2020, a powerful windstorm known as a derecho swept across the Midwest. The derecho reached hurricane-like windspeeds of up to 140 miles per hour and earned the distinction of being the most expensive thunderstorm in United States history.

The Brucemore estate suffered over $3 million damage to all seven historic buildings, two operational buildings, hundreds of yards of fencing, multiple gates, several historic features, and the landscape. The violent, sustained force of the straight-line winds destroyed more than 70% of the estate’s tree canopy. Experts believe the devastation was among the worst suffered by a cultural landscape in the last century.

Staff spent the first year following the storm assessing previous landscape plans, conducting original archival research, and working with expert assistance to develop a Historic Landscape Master Plan to inform future replanting efforts with the national significance of the landscape in mind.

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