Site-Wide Infrastructure

A comprehensive site-wide infrastructure plan – a key element of the Pride & Preservation Campaign – outlines necessary updates to critical infrastructure across the estate, including enhancements to exterior lighting, communications and security systems, and electrical capabilities.

With several event spaces, a roadway that traverses the entirety of the estate, and two separate parking lots, the current lighting system poses challenges for programs. The electrical boxes that support outdoor events require upgrades to expand and enhance capabilities. Making key upgrades to infrastructure will create more reliable electrical access for exterior programs, improve site visibility after dark, and increase opportunity to use the site.

Phase I of the infrastructure installation was completed in December 2020 and included lights on all main buildings, gate to gate drive lights, and walking path lights. In addition, electric service locations were installed in select program spaces. When foliage was removed as a part of this project, staff will utilize the Historic Landscape Plan to make re-planting decisions.

Phase II, slated for 2021, is planned to include security updates as part of the B.E.S.A.F.E. initiative and additional communication support across the property.