Mansion Envelope Restoration Project


This project has the largest scope of the Pride & Preservation Campaign projects.

In the summer and fall of 2017, Brucemore staff and Trustees contracted with OPN Architects, Cedar Rapids, to perform a comprehensive assessment of the mansion. Completed in October of that year, the Mansion Condition Report offers a comprehensive evaluation of the mansion.

The report outlined a crucial need for preservation of the exterior of the mansion to mitigate water infiltration, which has caused damage to exterior elements and poses a significant risk to the interior. Many important features of the mansion currently show critical deterioration.

Phase I of the Mansion Envelope Restoration project to stabilize and restore the enclosed Service Porch was completed in April 2019 thanks to funding support from the: 

  • Hall-Perrine Foundation
  • Historic Sites Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • McIntyre Foundation

Phase II focuses on the roof and south façade of the mansion, specifically the windows and doors, brick, roof cresting, and roof slate. Stabilization of the structure focuses on fixing the systemic causes of deterioration rather than only symptoms. Work is happening now and will continue through fall 2019. This portion of the project is funded by donations to Pride & Preservation and the Hall-Perrine Foundation.

Future phases will work on the east, west, and north facades of the mansion. Donations are needed to ensure the project will continue.


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