Celebrating National Cookbook Month

A Taste of the Past

October 28th, 2019

20191024-3.jpg To celebrate National Cookbook month, the staff at Brucemore decided to use one of the pieces in our collection, a 1918 Douglas Company cookbook, as inspiration for a unique potluck.

The Douglas Book of Recipes was produced by Douglas Company in 1918. This Cedar Rapids company, which was founded by Brucemore owner, George Bruce Douglas, was reported to be the largest independent starch producer in the world. The 1918 cookbook was designed as a way to advertise the company’s products. Almost every recipe in the book makes use of either Douglas Oil or Douglas Corn Starch. Throughout the 20th century, product cookbooks were used to advertise many types of food, beverages, ingredients, and appliances. These books served as ways to introduce products to customers – and now to us!

The staff at Brucemore picked recipes from the cookbook, went home and got to work! Dishes for the potluck included Douglas Honey Cookies, Wheatless Sponge Cake, Cheese Straws, Ice Cream, Douglas Lobster Salad, Cottage Cheese Lemon Cups, Corn Starch Pudding and Chocolate Layer Cake. 

Want to add a little history to your next baking endeavor? You might try the Cheese Straws or the Douglas Honey Cookies.