Artisan Studio

Supporting and Celebrating Local Arts

The Artisan Studio, launched in October 2019, was inspired by the families who lived at Brucemore and their strong tradition of supporting the arts. The Artisan Studio aims to foster and cultivate local talent. A group of gifted artists who have previously performed on the estate are selected by the Artisan Studio to make music under the guidance of Brucemore’s Artisan in Residence, Gerard Estella. Gerard and his team at GMix East bring their backgrounds and expertise to the Artisan Studio, working with artists to write, develop, produce, record, and mix original work.

Learn more about these talented artists, their work in the Studio, and the inspiration for this program. 

The Artists

Learn more about the performers selected for this unique opportunity.

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The Studio

Explore the process of cultivating local talent.

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The Inspiration

More than 100 years ago, Irene Douglas began a tradition of supporting local art.

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