New Members Elected to Board of Trustees

January 18th, 2022

Brucemore inspires community interaction through history, preservation, and the arts. The nationally significant historic site and cultural hub is a privately owned by a 501(c)3 non-profit, locally operated by a Board of Trustees.

Three new members were recently elected to three-year terms, including left to right:

  • Lisha Coffey, President of Travero
  • Jennifer Murphy, Director of Innovation Services for New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. (NewBoCo)
  • Kim Schmidt, Architect (Retired)

Officers elected to the Executive Committee for 2022 include:

  • President Brian Fagan, Partner at Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC
  • Vice President Doug Neumann, Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
  • Secretary Kathy Hall, Executive Director (Retired) at Kirkwood Community College Foundation
  • Treasurer Kimberly Hillyard, Director at RSM US Wealth Management LLC

View the full list of the 2022 Board of Trustees.