Full-Time Staff:

  • Kandi Anderson, Administrative Associate
  • Kelly Costello, Business Manager
  • David Janssen, Executive Director
  • Roger Johnson, Buildings and Grounds Superintendent
  • Taylor Manley, Buildings and Grounds Specialist
  • David Morton, Head Gardener
  • Jessica Peel-Austin, Manager of Interpretation and Collections
  • Maura Pilcher, Assistant Director
  • Tara Richards, Director of Events and Communication
  • Kaycie Schatz, Visitor Experience and Retail Manager
  • Mike Schwandt, Maintenance Technician


Part-Time/Seasonal Staff:

  • Vivian Baier, Cutting Gardens Assistant
  • Nancy Barta, Cutting Gardens Delivery
  • Gary Dvorak, Tour Coordinator
  • Megan Ginsberg, Tour Coordinator
  • Melissa Grunder, Tour Coordinator
  • Scott Humeston, Seasonal Gardener
  • Linda Norton, Museum Store Assistant
  • Ruth Roberts, Museum Store Assistant
  • Ben Schreiner, Seasonal Gardener
  • Cherryl Thomason, Tour Coordinator
  • John Wilts, Cutting Gardens Floral Designer
  • Amanda Zhorne, Museum Store Assistant