Give with Stock


How to Give

Generally, you can follow these steps:

  • Print off the Gift of Stock form.
  • Take this form to your financial advisor or banker to discuss the amount of your gift and the best plan for transfer.
  • Send the completed form to Brucemore or ask your advisor to do so. It can be sent by email or mail to 2160 Linden Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403.
  • Your advisor will complete the transfer process to Brucemore.

Stock gifts are generally transferred without any donor information. To allow us to appropriately recognize you for the gift, we recommend you call or email Brucemore prior to making a gift of stock

If you or your advisor have any questions, reach out to Brucemore staff at 319-362-7375.

Policies for Stock Acceptance

Brucemore accepts all donations according to its Gift Acceptance Policy, which is available upon request.

Excerpts from the Gift Acceptance Policy:
Publicly Traded Securities - Securities accepted by Brucemore are dealt with according to the current Investment and Spending Policy with input from Brucemore investment consultants and the Finance and Investment Committee. The donor is responsible for contacting their financial professional to begin the transfer to Brucemore. Brucemore may assist by working directly with the donor’s financial professional only after the donor has instigated the process. Securities are recorded and valued on the date they are transferred to Brucemore. Securities are valued at the average of the high and the low value on the date the gift was received or transferred to Brucemore.

Closely Held Securities – Gifts of non-publicly traded securities to Brucemore must be reviewed by the Committee before acceptance.

Contact staff by calling 319-362-7375 to learn about the acceptance criteria.