Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the campaign happening now?

Only with time did the Board of Trustees and staff find:

  • Income from the endowments, events, tours, and gift shop sales could not ensure permanent sustainability.
  • Funding for preservation wasn’t enough to keep up with the increasing number of projects each year.

By acting now, the organization can invest in critical projects and adjust the operational model to ensure annual funding to keep up with ongoing preservation. The Pride & Preservation Campaign is the first step toward ensuring a positive future.

Learn more about the reasons for a campaign here.

How will preservation projects impact the organization’s community events and history tours?
We are grateful for the support of several community members, corporations, and foundations who have invested leadership gifts early in the campaign. As a result, construction has been on-going.

While we may make minor adjustments to parking or temporarily restrict access to certain rooms in the mansion, we continue to have a very full program and event menu. Click here to see upcoming tour and event dates, as well as hours for the grounds.

I am a member of Brucemore. Does this campaign impact my membership?
Membership donations support annual programs and maintenance of the estate, which will continue to be important. Other donations, such as sponsorships, are often focused only on program support.

Pride & Preservation Campaign donations are restricted for specific preservation projects on the buildings, infrastructure, and landscape. These projects were chosen because of their critical need, their importance to the history of our region, and their function as a backdrop for our vibrant programming.

We encourage you to continue your membership support during the campaign. Consider instead a separate donation or splitting your donation between the two options. All donations to Brucemore are tax-deductible.

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Brucemore has endowments, why aren't they enough?
Brucemore has received two endowments – one from Margaret Hall and another from Beahl and Irene Perrine, who were the brother-in-law and sister to Howard. These families were active philanthropic leaders and wanted Brucemore be an asset for the community.

However, in the last 30 years, the growth of the endowments could not keep up with preservation costs, failing building systems, and basic inflation. The amount of money that can be withdrawn responsibly from the endowments each year -- ideally less than 5% of the total balance to allow for growth -- is not enough to pay for annual preservation of the estate.

The Pride & Preservation Campaign will catch up on the critical preservation projects and is a first step toward sustainable success in the future.

Is Brucemore funded by The Hall-Perrine Foundation?
The Hall and Perrine families each bequeathed funding to Brucemore and to The Hall-Perrine Foundation as separate gifts to distinct organizations.

In 2016, Brucemore was awarded an unprecedented gift of $1.8 million for pre-campaign preservation projects, including the Mansion Envelope Restoration Project Phase I: Service Porch.The Hall-Perrine Foundation continues to be an important on-going partner in preservation of Brucemore.

What happens after I give to the campaign?
You will be recognized by Brucemore on a special page of the website, in the Annual Report, and in the summer events playbill in the year following your gift. A donor wall will be installed in 2019 in the Visitor Center to further recognize involvement with these important projects.

Leadership gifts over $50,000 are eligible for a naming recognition opportunity. If you are interested in a gift at this level or above, please contact staff by phone at 319-362-7375 or email.

What is next after the campaign?
An independent audit estimates the preservation need at Brucemore to be between $500,000 to $750,000 a year in perpetuity. To ensure sustainability, Trustees and staff plan to focus on additional community fundraising and grant opportunities.

As a start, Brucemore will launch a planned giving recognition society in the next few years. Planned gifts, alternately called estate gifts, are an important way to help ensure the organization's sustainability into the future.

If you have already included Brucemore in your estate plan, or if you are interested in exploring these options, contact staff by phone at 319-362-7375 or email.

We encourage you to also consider contacting the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for long-term gift planning. Donations to the Community Foundation can be designated for Brucemore and are an important method of ongoing support.

If you don’t see your question below, contact staff at 319-362-7375 or email