The Case For Support

"We know now, better than ever before, the true costs of preserving the estate in perpetuity, the limits of the current endowment and earned revenue sources, and the expenses required for basic operations. Thirty-five years from now, if we don't strengthen what we have, there is no guaranty that Brucemore will exist at all, much less be the enriching community asset that we have come to treasure. It is our turn to do our part for this community asset, and we are proud to ask for your help." 

- Tom Peffer and Carroll Reasoner, Pride and Preservation Co-Chairs


Brucemore is a dynamic part of our community. Brucemore events and programs celebrate and foster a vibrant local arts scene, and frequently help our non-profit partners serve their missions. Visitors from throughout the United States report a greater appreciation for the culture, history, and arts in Cedar Rapids after their Brucemore experience.

The costs of preserving and sharing Brucemore are rising because of aging buildings and grounds, failing building systems, and basic inflation. The estate is the backdrop, stage, and home to many beloved events in the community. Preservation of the buildings and landscape ensure that events can continue year after year.


As a non-profit organization, Brucemore’s annual operating budget produces less than $135,000 a year on average for preservation of the estate’s seven historic structures and 26-acre landscape. The tightening budget also restricts the opportunity to grow and expand mission impact by limiting staffing, program production, and event space maintenance.

The Fund

Brucemore launched Pride & Preservation as the organization’s first capital campaign in 2018. The campaign raised $5 million in support of immediate preservation projects. But preservation is perpetual, and excellence is expensive. Ongoing funding is vital to ensuring projects can continue.

The Pride & Preservation Fund addresses critical preservation projects on the buildings, infrastructure, and landscape. These projects are annually chosen based on their critical need, their importance to the history of our region, and their function as a backdrop for vibrant programming.

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