• Nooks and Crannies Tour

    Satisfy your curiosity about Brucemore! During this 90-minute staff guided tour that takes you across the estate, peek inside typically closed buildings built for servant housing or hobby use, discover…

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  • Art at Brucemore: Witch’s Hat

    Embrace your spooky spirit! Brucemore is partnering with the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio to bring a brand new ceramics workshop to the site,  just in time for spooky…

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  • Art at Brucemore: Glass Plant Stake

    Embrace your creativity! Brucemore is partnering with the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio to bring you a project to personalize your potted plants! In this workshop, you will design…

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  • The Orchard

    The Trees of Brucemore All three Brucemore families maintained an extensive orchard filled with apple, pear, cherry, and nut trees, although it was not always in the same location. Since…

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  • Lord & Burnham Greenhouse

    The Design Brucemore was originally built with a conservatory (glasshouse) attached to the south façade of the mansion. When the Douglas family purchased the estate and expanded the property from…

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  • The Wooded Area

    Outdoor Recreation & Leisure Outdoor recreation was a big part of life on country estates, and all three of Brucemore’s families enjoyed taking leisurely strolls along the property. One of…

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  • The Formal Garden

    The Design O.C. Simonds designed the formal garden in 1910. The garden includes outdoor “rooms” defined with a hedge border surrounded by plants placed in natural clusters. The garden’s design…

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  • The Carriage House

    Brucemore was built before the arrival of cars. Horses provided the main form of transportation for Caroline Sinclair, who was chauffeured in a horse-drawn carriage. By the time the Douglases…

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  • The Cutting & Vegetable Garden

    Small Scale Farming Sustainability and self-sufficiency were woven into everyday life on a country estate. Starting in 1906, Brucemore steadily expanded, creating a small-scale farming operation that eventually included a…

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