Head Gardener Archie White

History_People_Hired_Help_Archie-White.jpgThe head gardener was an important member of the staff and usually the highest paid employee onsite. Archie White, the Douglases' last head gardener, worked for the family for nearly 16 years.

His job included selecting plants, operating the Greenhouse, and planning the care of the grounds. In the spring and summer, he supervised five or more gardeners. In the winter, his responsibilities included snow removal and firing up the boilers in the Mansion.

As a knowledgeable gardener, Irene trusted Archie completely with the care of the gardens and grounds. While away from Brucemore, she wrote to him about maintenance issues and interesting plants she had seen during her travels.

Archie, who was born in Jamaica, British West Indies, married Jeanie Hepburn in Cedar Rapids. They raised their children Agnes and Edward in the Servants' Duplex.

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