Discover Fun Facts

Download and print these activity sheets for your next trip to Brucemore! Discover new information about the history of the buildings, the diversity of plants blooming around the estate, or the wildlife seen at the property.

Butterflies of Iowa activity sheet

Butterflies of Iowa

Butterflies are attracted to different types of plants. Having a wide variety of flowers in your garden encourages many butterfly species to visit. What butterflies can you find in the Brucemore gardens?

Download the Butterflies of Iowa activity sheet

All About Queen Anne Architecture activity sheetAll About Queen Anne Architecture

The mansion is the centerpiece of the estate.  The distinct Victorian Queen Anne architectural style was very popular among the late-nineteenth-century wealthy.  Find the features that make this building Queen Anne.

Download the All About Queen Anne Architecture activity sheet [PDF]

Tree Tracking activity sheetTree Tracking

Brucemore’s gardens are filled with trees and other plants that provide shelter and food for wildlife as well as shade for visitors. Explore the grounds to see what kinds of trees you can identify.

Download the Tree Tracking activity sheet [PDF]

Children's Landscape Map activity sheetChildren’s Landscape Map

Match the clues to historic locations on the Brucemore map.

Download the Children's Landscape Map activity sheet [PDF]


Leo's Word Search activity sheetLeo’s Word Search

Help Leo the Lion find words that are important to Brucemore history!

Download the Leo's Word Search activity sheet [PDF]