Special Exhibits

Brucemore does not currently have a temporary exhibit on display.

Previous special exhibits

Our past special exhibits gave a glimpse into the range of topics that are part of the Brucemore story:

  • A Time of Service: Brucemore in the World Wars explored the ways the families of Brucemore, as well as their servants and businesses, were impacted by World War I and II.
  • Unsinkable Stories: 100 Years Later shared the tales of Walter and Mahala Douglas, descendents of the Douglas family, and other Iowans aboard the Titanic.
  • Iowa Manufacturing: A Family Portrait told the story of Howard Hall's company through industrial photographs by Torkel Korling.
  • Visions and Vistas documented the Country Estate phenomenon and its impact on the development of Brucemore.
  • The World Comes Home explored mid-century life after soldiers returned from World War II and ushered in a new era of prosperity.
  • Animal House provided an interactive way for families to learn about the history of animals at Brucemore.
  • Building a Community One Brick at a Time celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Hall-Perrine Foundation.
  • Homes Away From Home: On Vacation allowed visitors to explore the vacation homes of the Douglases and the Halls.
  • Keeping the History, Welcoming the Future documented Brucemore's more recent history as a National Trust Historic Site and community cultural center.
  • Through the Eyes of Children: Growing Up During the Early 1900s addressed the experiences of the three Douglas girls and their peers.
  • Industry Booms: Fortune and Misfortune for Douglas & Company looked at the company's success and a tragic explosion that occurred in 1919.
  • Help Wanted: Working at Brucemore, 1907 - 1937 placed the experiences of the Douglases and their servants into national contexts of the time period.
  • A Home in History: Brucemore 1884 - 2000 explored changes to the estate's changing built environment.