Rental Policy (Public/Private Use Policy)

Approved by the Brucemore Board of Trustees - October 20, 2010

In her deed of gift of Brucemore to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Margaret Douglas Hall stipulated that private, religious, or political events may not be held at Brucemore.

Only corporate members and certified non-profit organizations may rent the mansion and/or grounds for express business-related or mission-driven purposes. Corporate members and non-profit organizations must contract in advance with Brucemore and agree to the required rental fee.

Private events are interpreted as organized activities for private citizens and not affiliated with a corporate member or non-profit organization: weddings, receptions (wedding, retirement, birthday, reunions, engagement, etc.), parties for groups of five or more, or any other formal gathering of private citizens.

Casual visitation of the grounds by private citizens is encouraged and welcome whenever the gates are open. There are no picnic tables, pavilions, grilling provisions, or trash cans on the Brucemore grounds.

Casual visitation includes, but is not restricted to the following: walking through the grounds and gardens, biking, jogging, walking a dog, bringing a meal for a small group, playing games on the lawn, reading, and/or quiet relaxation.

In many ways, Brucemore serves the everyday functions of a public park, but the site is still private property owned and operated by a non-government entity.

Children must be accompanied by an adult for casual visitation. Entering the swimming pool and pond and ice skating on the pond are prohibited activities.

Visitors must leave the grounds in pristine condition, taking all garbage, dog droppings, and personal effects with them. Visitors still on the property will be advised that the gates are closing, and they may be told to leave the estate at any time if their activities appear to jeopardize the integrity of the site or are in perceived violation of this policy.

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