Photography Policy

Approved by Brucemore Board of Trustees - October 10, 2010

Although visitors to Brucemore are welcome to take candid photographs of the grounds and buildings for their souvenir purposes, professional photography is not permitted on the estate or in the buildings.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation holds the copyright on all Brucemore images and permission is required for any professional photography that is not for the express purposes of documenting or promoting the buildings and grounds on the site.

Professional photography is defined as fee-based service for the purpose of production of photographic images for sale to specific clients or the general public.

As such the following are considered violations of the photography policy:

  • Professional photography for private use: weddings, portraits, senior pictures, or any other personal use.
  • Professional photography resulting in Brucemore images for sale.
  • Professional photography when the fee is waived or the service provided is as "pro bono" for a client.
  • Non-professional photography resulting in publication of photos in yearbooks, newspapers, websites, or any other form of print or electronic media.

Violators of this policy may be fined by the National Trust, and the Trust, at its own discretion, may choose to pursue legal action for known violations.