Cutting Gardens Flower Shop

Set the stage for that big day....

As the premier florist in the Cedar Rapids area, the Brucemore Cutting Gardens Flower Shop florists use the freshest available blooms to create signature garden-style bouquets.

The artistry of the Brucemore Cutting Gardens Flower Shop is a continuation of a passion for flowers that began with Irene Douglas, matriarch of the second Brucemore family.

Take a look through the image galleries below to see what the Cutting Gardens Flower Shop can do for you. Then just contact us to schedule a consultation for your wedding or special event — call 319-362-1004 or email the flowershop today.

Floral Arrangements

Choose an elegant mix of lilies, roses, snapdragons, and other blooms for any special event, including weddings, funerals, graduations, or any occasion.

Cutting Gardens Event Gallery

Our floral designers will create a unique look to give your special day an atmosphere of drama, sophistication, intrigue, and beauty.

When you're ready to get started, just call 319-362-1004 or email to explore how we can make your event special!